Nov 1, 2011

Comical Digi-Key Packaging

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered some parts from Digi-Key to build my Halloween display and they came in last Friday. Digi-Key has developed a reputation for shipping small parts in absurd packages so I figured I would take this opportunity to throw fuel on the fire. Not much more than some photo documentation in this post.

When you think about it, the box really did need to be that big because it had to hold the tube of simple switcher ICs.

That little black cluster of chips on the left clearly warranted a packing tube five times its length.

Just for scale I put a 2032 coin cell battery next to a close-up of the chips. The coin cell is about 20mm wide (or about 0.8 inches.)


Joel Ryan said...

That's what coins will look like in 2032- small batteries which power the vending machines that are the only remaining source of food. Consumption of doritos reaches an all-time high. The causalities are horrific.

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