Jan 19, 2012

New Header Designs

Okay, I have put this off long enough. Today is the day I debut my ideas for the future look of To the Rails. Below I have laid out five separate headers that I have designed in the last month or so, all of which are styled differently from the rest -- though admittedly there is a liberal use of lightening and circuit boards throughout. Let me be the first to say, I am not an artist and all of these are pretty uncomplicated designs with little to no artistic flair. Still, I would like to spruce things up around here and I think one of these designs would do the trick.

First, a couple of quick notes on my efforts: 
  • All of these headers were designed in GIMP, which I recommend to anyone looking for a somewhat powerful, free image editing software.
  • I am well aware that 00 (yes, binary for the extra geek factor) and 11 look very similar. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more so I put up both.
  • I am open to creating something new from elements of these first attempts. Let me know in the comments which parts you like among the five (color, font, etc.)  and maybe I will combine them into something new for the blog. Also let me know if I need to scrap the lot and start over (I don't have feelings and this isn't my area)
  • The color scheme for 10 is different than the rest because I designed it when I was first learning the software and was just playing around. I liked it enough to keep it in the bunch for this trial run.
  • Lastly, if you think these are bad you should’ve seen the rejects. I will search my trash can to see if I can find them for a parody post after we pick a new header.

Make sure to vote in the poll I have created in the upper right (above the entry history). I figure any anonymous readers out there might be more likely to contribute to the voting this way as opposed to leaving comments. I look forward to hearing what you all think.






Polls close on January 30th at 11:59pm so get those votes in soon!


Joel Ryan said...

I like 00 and 100. 01 looks too much like graffiti lettering, which I don't think is in the spirit of the blog. 11 would work if the site background mirrored the logo background. 10 is too washed out in the greys and mid-tone blues. I would do 00, but intensify the color contrast on the lightening and around the letters so that there is some almost pure white, and then add some kind of border.

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