Jan 31, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the official 1 year anniversary of To the Rails. I just want to say thanks to all of my regular readers, and I hope someone out there has taken something away from my ramblings in 2011.

My goal is to make this blog far more all-encompassing as I move into 2012. I think I can provide a new perspective on topics that I once thought had been done to the death. I read a lot online about areas of electronics that I care about and I have come to find that many articles lack a big picture focus or leave out critical details that allow consumers or the lay person to come to their own understanding. While I hope to never lose the hobby electronics spirit that created this blog, I do think there is more out there to look at then servo motors and LEDs (as cool as those things are).

As part of my 1 year celebration I want to look back. That is why I have gone back through all of my old entries to provide you with some stats. Some are based on Bloggers automated view count tracking system, while others are of my own creation. This blog was never created to generate large view counts, but I am impressed with how far it has come in only a year. Thanks again to everyone who has supported this blog and I look forward to a new year, new topics, and a new logo!

To the Rails Statistical Breakdown
Number of times I promised to do a blog explaining something: 15

Number of times I kept my promise: 5 (suckers)

Number of times Apple was mentioned with hate: 4

Number of Simpsons references: 5

Most Viewed Post: The 7-Segment Display (1,298 views)

Least Viewed Post: Happy Birthday, Tesla (5 views)

Highest Number of Views in 1 month: 908 (December 2011)

Blogger Stats


Joel Ryan said...

I like that last graph especially. I think you need to up the Simpsons references for next year.

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